Urban Trekker

“There's no wifi in the forest, but I promise you a better connection.” 

—  Unknown


Urban Trekkers' is an outdoor, hands-on and up-close learning and mentoring program, where the world is our classroom. We travel to places beyond student's everyday lives, to site where learning comes alive and students have room to grow.



Our Goals

  • Instill a love and respect for all creation and  better understand our roles as the Earth's stewards 


  • Expose Vibe Tribe Adventures youth to the natural world by way of outdoor adventures


  • Provide a setting in which young people and caring adults connect to share experiences that will change how we see the world today, and our place in it tomorrow. 


  • Build self-esteem and improve self-worth in the lives of students and help them acquire skills they'll need to be successful.

About Urban Trekker

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